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Public Scholarship

I take an active approach to making my scholarship, and the scholarship of others,  public – or relevant to those outside of academia. Therefore, in addition to the traditional publication of journal articles and academic presentations, I have availed myself of other avenues of information distribution.


Since 2014 I have been the host of New Books in Technology, a podcast that brings the works of expert authors to a lay audience.

I am currently working on a new podcast, AcademiAaah, with Benny Torres.


From January 2016 – January 2017 I was a contributing editor for Platypus, the blog of CASTAC, a division of the American Anthropological Association, where I blogged about law, privacy, and data issues. Examples of my work can be found here.

I have also been invited to write for industry and professional organizations.

  • “The Emerging Right to be Forgotten,” American Bar Association Insights on Law and Society, vol. 12, iss. 3, Spring 2012.
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